Bank of Utah Mobile App Reviews

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Bank of Utah

App is easy to use and convenient.

Little tricky to setup

Make sure you setup your account on a pc first otherwise the app will crash immediately after entering your code and never finish setup (iPhone 6). Also, I miss the account preview button from the old app. It was nice to see my balance without having to sign all the way in.


This app melted my face off it was so awesome!

Liked it

Easy to use and access account.

Good till it stopped working

This iteration of the app is terrible you can't even see recent transactions. You can see your balance and that is it. Completely worthless at this point I go right to the website now.

Great app!

Account balances on the go!

Thank you Bank of Utah!

This is the greatest tool! Thank you so much. You are the best little bank ever and I've banked with several.

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